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Early December: Your Christmas To-Do for This Weekend

December to do list

Christmas is right around the corner and it’s time to begin planning your Christmas party fun! Let me cover that “to-do list” item for this weekend for you!

Planning ahead will get you into the spirit of Christmas and help you save money, avoiding falling into seasonal debt woes

If you can knock off these ten things, it could be your favorite Christmas yet!

1. Put Up Your Christmas Tree

The British Christmas Tree Growers Association (BCTGA) says it’s fine to get them from December 1 onwards, but the middle of the festive season, the third after Advent (December 11) is a good compromise.

2. Get Christmas Decorations Ready

If you put your best effort in the decoration, you will surely get the appreciation. Red and green are traditional Christmas decoration colors. But it does not mean that you must use only these colors. Christmas is festival that spreads brightness so you can use the bright colors also. Every corner of the house should be should be decorated in such a way that it give a festive feeling all around. Read more about Christmas decorations in my earlier post here.

3. Write Christmas Presents Lists

Christmas is celebrated for the great sacrifice of the Jesus Christ and the best way to celebrate Christmas is by giving the Christmas gifts to your loved ones and helping the people in need.  Well it’s that time of year again when we start thinking of what we want to see under the Christmas Tree. So start your shopping today and have fun at it. Read more about Christmas gift ideas here.

4. Start Writing Christmas Cards

Christmas cards were invented as a means to wish people a Happy Christmas if you were not able to do so in person. In many countries that still applies. Some Italian friends are utterly bemused at the idea of sending them to workmates or neighbours, as to them they are only for people they won’t get to see.  The guests can be invited by sending mails or sending fax for the party. The traditional way of inviting is giving the invitation cards. But the handmade invitation card gives a very good impression on the guest. if you’re one who sticks to traditional letter writing for Christmas well wishes you better get your skates on.

5. Secret Santa Gifts

A Kris Kringle gift exchange is a great way to get colleagues together and to add the Christmas spirit to your workplace. It’s time to start shopping secret Santa gifts so that you won’t need to pay much at last minute shop.

6. Christmas Menu

Have you started planning your Christmas menu? You want Christmas Day to be as easy and relaxed as possible, so start preparing your meal plans for Christmas dinner!! You will have to do the shopping and cooking though. My menu is planned for Christmas…

7. Order Your Christmas Food

It’s so gratifying to sit down on Christmas Day and enjoy Christmas dinner with all the trimmings. After all, a lot of planning will have gone into it. And the preparations could well involve ordering food, especially if you can’t easily get to a supermarket and rely on shopping being delivered. Whatever your plans for the big day, it makes sense to give yourself plenty of time rather than rushing around at the last minute.

8. Buy Wrapping Paper

Make it personal this Christmas! Send your well wishes and gifts with bespoke Christmas Wrapping Paper from Where the Trade Buys. Wrap every gift for Christmas safe in the knowledge nobody will have the same paper as you!

9. Christmas Cookies

The Christmas cookie fills a taste in the celebration of Christmas. At this festival time baking and cooking in the kitchen do not stops any time. Christmas cookies are the favorite of young ones and children and the most important thing is that the decorated Christmas cookies can be given as a Christmas presents to the loved ones. It is the main focused part Christmas party.

If you can make Christmas cookies at home, gingerbread houses or rum balls this is the perfect weekend to do it. By making them well in advance you could gifts them to colleagues, clients and friends and save money on presents. Read more Christmas cookies tips here..

10. Christmas Music

Ok, this might not be essential on the Christmas to-do list but now that it’s a reasonable time to start singing along to Christmas tunes, put a playlist together of your Christmas faves. Think Michael Buble, Rod Stewart and Mariah Carey.